About Me

My name is Melodie Weston.  I'm mostly a wife and mother-- which I LOVE and wouldn't change for the world.  In fact, my kids are the main reason I decided to teach Let's Play Music.

A about fifteen years ago my sister introduced me to LPM (Let's Play Music).  My niece was enrolled in the program, and when my sister showed me her daughter's materials I literally got chills.  I was incredibly impressed with the concepts and skills she was learning -- at only 5 years old!  By the time she was 8, my niece could sight read music, play the piano at an intermediate level, and had written her own arrangement.  AND now, as an adult she still loves to play music!  That's the kind of music experience I wanted for my own kids.  Now that three of my boys have graduated LPM, I am amazed at their abilities and love for music.  Each of them play multiple instruments and, as a high school student, my oldest son has even been paid for his songwriting skills.

I have always loved music.  As a child, I remember getting poetry books out and sitting at the piano-- trying to come up with melodies to fit the words,  but I didn't have the knowledge or skills I needed to really compose anything.  I started playing the piano and singing when I was very young, but didn't learn much music theory until upper high school.  I wish I had LPM as a child!

At BYU I studied Early Childhood and Elementary Education for three years and graduated with a degree in Family Science with a Human Development emphasis.  I also earned a minor degree in music.

Music and teaching are two of my favorite things-- and I love how they come together in Let's Play Music!  I am so excited to share this incredible program with you and your children!